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The Leaves / The Petals (3/4/5 Year Old Class)-
Student must be fully potty trained.

​Each child receives an unparalleled level of individual attention, to ensure success in reading, writing, math, as well as drama, music and art, while establishing a sense of self-confidence and accomplishment. By offering small group and one-on-one academic attention, Sprouting Scholars offers the best foundation in preparing your child for the elementary school years.

In this class we are getting our 4/5 year old children ready for Kindergarten. This class offers a NC approved curriculum tailored to establish the required skills and basic knowledge necessary for success in entering the school environment.

In addition we focus on the following curriculum:

  • LANGUAGE ARTS: using phonemic awareness, and developing cognitive skills.

  • MATH: recognition of numbers, colors, shapes, and manipulative.

  • SOCIAL STUDIES: we cover family, culture diversity, and history.

  • SCIENCE: they learn about their environment, animal life, astronomy, health, and weather.

  • DRAMATIC PLAY: children are encourage to explore their world through play and pretend.

  • MUSIC & ART: music enhancement, artistic expression, and singing.

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