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​ The Roots (10 months to 1 Year Old Preschool Class: 10 Months -24 Months)


The Toddler program offers sensory exploration in a nurturing atmosphere. The toddler classroom is a whirl wind of energy. Consistent daily schedules provide security which is essential for toddlers healthy growth and development.

The focus of this environment and curriculum is to offer each child the opportunity for exploration and promote language development through role-modeling and sign language


With our low staff to child ratio, the toddlers have room to let out all of their energy and enjoy stimulating activities such as:


  • Circle Time: This is the time where the toddlers interact with each other and their teachers.  We use circle time for name cards that help with name recognition, sing songs to start their day, talk about shapes, colors, letters and learn sign language and Spanish.

  • Singing and Movement: This widens the children's vocabulary and help children learn basic speech patterns through singing and movement. This also helps the children identify patterns, express emotions, and develop coordination balance and control through music.

  • The Creative Center: is comprised of sensory motor activities such as sand/salt trays, play dough, and paints.

  • The Classroom Library: This area is supplied with picture books and soft furnishings.  The teachers use finger plays, story time, puppets, and stories to broaden toddler’s language skills.  

  • The Dramatic Play Center: includes toddler sized play kitchen, table and chairs, baby dolls and furniture, large toy trucks and automobiles, as well as, age appropriate dress up clothing.  

  • The Cognitive CenterAppropriate puzzles, lacing activities and interlocking blocks are used to help develop the learning brain. 

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